Mountbatten Bluetooth Extension Module

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Upgrade Your Mountbatten to be Bluetooth Smart!


The Mountbatten (Writer Plus, Pro, LS) has a new feature, the low energy Bluetooth. Thanks to this addition it can talk now with a variety of iOS devices. Some of you may be concerned about your current units. Does it mean you cannot take advantage of this great feature? Worry not! We don’t want any Mountbatten user to miss a thing. With the Mountbatten Bluetooth Expansion Module you can magically convert your regular Mountbatten into a Bluetooth Smart device. Just install it at the back of your unit, upgrade the firmware (see your dealer for details) and you’re good to go. Thanks to its shape you can still set your Mountbatten upright for easier storage. Nothing is sticking out, the Dongle becomes an integral part of your machine.

The MB BT Module will start shipping soon. Stand by. We will update this information shortly.