Jot-A-Dot Pocket Brailler

The new way to Braille is to Jot a Dot – a portable brailling device for everyone!

Until now, the choice has been either a slate and stylus or a standard Braille Writer (such as the Perkins Brailler). Jot-a-Dot gives you the best of both worlds, combining portability with functionality.
Jot-a-Dot is the answer people who write Braille have been waiting for. So next time you need to “just braille it” remember – Jot-a-Dot!

What makes the Jot-A-Dot unique:

– ?Pocket-sized
– Direct six key Braille entry
– Inbuilt reading stand
– Convenient neck strap
– The current cell and line indicators
– High contrast colours
– ?Use lightweight paper
– One-piece construction
– Extra light weight