The new way to Braille is to Jot a Dot – a portable brailling device for everyone!

Why Jot-A-Dot?

– Pocket-sized mechanical device – means brailling a note, on paper, anywhere!; Direct six key Braille entry – for fast & accurate Braille;_R1A8086
– Read your Braille as you write – simply turn Jot-A-Dot over;
– Inbuilt reading stand – keeps Jot-A-Dot stable when resting on hard surfaces; Convenient neck strap – wear Jot-A-Dot for Braille at your fingertips;
– Know where you are – find the current cell and line of Braille with tactile indicators;
– High contrast colours – identify key features easily and quickly;
– Use lightweight paper – paper for Jot-A-Dot can be found anywhere!;
– Jot-A-Dot enables regular Braille writing from the left hand side of the page to the right, a major advance in simple manual Braille writing;
– It has both line and cell indicators. The cell indicator shows the position of the embossing head on the line. The line indicator gives instant feedback on which line you are writing;
– One-piece construction means there are no parts that can be lost;
– Weighing less than a pound – Jot-A-Dot is easily carried as a personal item by both
children and adults;aaDSC_5231


– Dimensions: 20.5 x 11 x 5.5 cm (8″x4.5″x2″);
– Weight: 350g (less than 1 pound);
– Paper: Use normal photocopy paper (80 gsm or 20 lbs) Fits A5 and A6 paper sizes (1/2 and 1/4 Letter size paper); Braille: 20 cells of braille per line;
– Extras: Includes neck strap for brailling on the go