Audio invasion – are tactile media in peril

It is a question many people have been asking for years. These days more than ever it is becoming relevant. New and improved synthetic voices, off-the-shelf devices encourage people to shy away from Braille. If you would like to read about our take on this matter, follow this link and go to page 84. You may send your comments to iss-info[at]

The all new BraillePen 12 Touch is shipping!

Imagine being free and yet always in touch with those you want to be in touch with. How about being able to read and write without any limitations, sending updates about your whereabouts, not only physical but also emotional. You and your BraillePen 12 Touch can give it to you. You because of your uniqueness and BraillePen 12 Touch because of its uniqueness. The new BraillePen 12 Touch with its innovative ActiveTouch cursor frees your thoughts and translates them into … Read more

BrailleBack for Android 4.1 supports BraillePen

Many of you may have already heard of the latest accessibility addition from Google. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher operating systems are compatible with a new release of BrailleBack. This accessibility app give the BraillePen users Braille input and output. To download and for further information go to BrailleBack.

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