MBMimic in App Store

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mbmimichat1The MBMimic is a new app developed to meet the Braille Literacy technology with the most popular mainstream tablet technology. Now it is even easier to interact with a young learner who is learning Braille. A two-way communication between the Mountbatten Brailler* and an iOS device helps both the Braille users and the people that communicate with them.

It serves the teachers, parents, and blind users that want to:

  • chat with a Mountbatten Brailler user using their own iOS device
  • retrieve files from Mountbatten Brailler memory
  • emboss files using the Mountbatten Brailler
  • upload files to the Mountbatten Brailler
  • and many more

Go to App Store or iTunes, type MBMimic in the search box and your free copy is ready for installation.

*Requires the Mountbatten Brailler with Bluetooth. To be launched soon.