BraillePenSync iOS and Android
software for Braille users

BrailliantSync is a software that runs on an Internet-connected mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet). It synchronises data present in the cloud on one of the supported network servers (GMail, IMAP) with BraillePen24 Braille devices to provide an Internet connection to the device. This makes it easy to access your e-mail, contacts, tasks and calendar events at any moment without all the hassle of accessing them on your smartphone.

When first used, you need to set the connections in the BraillePenSync app:

  1. Define your note accounts (for example, Google account) by entering your email address, server name, user name, and password, plus the port number and your displayed name, which will also be seen as the corresponding folder name in BraillePenSync.
  2. Connect to your Braille device by choosing “Select device” and selecting your device’s serial number from the displayed list. The BraillePen24 must be on at the time. Choose one from the displayed list (the only one usually, unless your neighbour uses another).

In the case of Gmail account, when adding it to BraillePenSync list of accounts, you will be brought to the OAuth account verification process.

This video shows the process:

This video demonstrates the use of protected data by BraillePenSync app. First, it shows the steps that are required to connect the BraillePenSync app with a Google account and then shows
how the data is used.

To connect the BraillePenSync app with a Google account

  • from the main screen of the BraillePenSync app choose – “Add account”
  • select account type, if the account type is different from Google, give the account connection parameters in


  • acknowledge that you want to agree to allow BraillePenSync to use “” to sign in by
    clicking “Continue”
  • on the next “Choose an account” screen, choose one of the accounts that the mobile device was used with or choose “Use another account”
  • next “Sign in” screen is for your email address
  • enter your password and press “Next”
  • the last screen before you allow BraillePenSync to access your Google Account shows:
    • link to our privacy policy document;
    • link to the web page explaining the purpose of the process
    • the scope of access to data stored at Google Account:
      BraillePenSync needs to be able to read, compose and delete (permanently) email from Gmail because that is what you want to do with the messages in your Braille device;
    • for other types of data, that is, contacts, calendar events, tasks and notes, the app will have the exact scope of access.
    • all data composed in the Braille device will be created on a Google account by BraillePenSync during the following synchronization process;
    • similarly, deleting a message or note on your Braille device will cause an action of deleting a note on the Gmail account during the next synchronization;
    • Cancel and Continue buttons that you can alternatively choose to deny or give your consent

After the connections are defined, you don’t need to worry about the BraillePenSync application on your phone. It may stay in the background, and all synchronization will not require any attention.
You must ensure it is running in the background (for example, you may need to restart it after rebooting your phone).

When notes are synchronized, the Braille device’s system time is synchronized with the phone time.

When you enter your note, e-mail, contact, or task on the Braille device, it will also be created on your server when the next synchronization occurs.

Whenever you delete a note or any other entry from your device, it will be deleted after synchronization from the server.

If you wish to delete an unused account from your device, go to the account list, choose the account to delete, and press the space+D command on the BraillePen24 device. The account will be deleted, and all existing data will disappear from your device. However, it will not disappear from the account’s server, even after synchronization.

Wishing you fun while using the BrailliantSync software.